Hot air balloon in Milan

Hot air Ballooning is the only adventure giving you a tranquil and majestic flight which no other aircraft can offer.

Aerostatica Monte offers you the possibility to fly in the Milan province and our launch sites are located just 30 minutes from the city of Milan. We also fly near the Lake of Como and over the Alps from Switzerland when the weather conditions are perfect. Get ready for an early start! Ballooning is best done at sunrise, as this is the calmest and most beautiful time of day. In autumn and winter we fly all day. Actual flight time is approximately one hour ,but please allow at least 3 hours for the whole experience

Logbook flying for pilots

The landscape here in northern Italy is perfect for flying and we fly all the year. Actually there is very little wind, nice weather and a lot of landing possibilities. During clear days we can see the Alps and the Appenines. The crops are rice and corn and there are also a lot of green fields,the farmers are very nice and they don’t fence the properties.

You can fly our balloon and use our retriever. We’ve got a 105 and a 90 balloon, and they are in perfect conditions. If you want, you can fly even morning and evening.

We suggest you to fly low cost to Milano Bergamo airport, the distance from the airport to us is about 1 hour by car. There’s a brand new, cheap and nice agritourism just 5 minutes from the launchfield and it has space for 10 persons. I also suggest you to do shopping in Milan (30 km from us) and to have a look at the Duomo of course. I’ll bring you for winetasting in San Colombano where they produce their own wine and to have a nice dinner at the Castle.


Birgith Reiersen
e-mail: info@aerostaticamonte.it
Mobile phone 0039 333 276829
Fax 0039 0382 973674